If you already have a date in mind, you can easily call or visit our studio to make your reservations and discuss the concept you would want to have. Whether you wish to have a studio session, outdoor shoot or underwater shoot, we are ready to provide the most convenient time for you. Kids Pictures is OPEN from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 7pm and CLOSED on Monday.
It would be best to get the schedule where they are at their most active time of day. Also make sure that they have been well fed and had enough sleep so that they will be all set for their photo shoot.
Wearing color and theme coordinated attires will look good in group / family photo shoots. (example: all white tops and jeans, everyone wearing something in the shade of blue, etc.). This will not only put a sense of order in the photo but also it would make your photos visually pleasant to look at and be appreciated.
If you want to achieve a certain look, it would be better if you can bring your own clothes. For casual feel, colorful attires would be excellent. However, if you would want something out of the ordinary such as a santa look, fairy theme, etc. we have numerous costumes for you to choose from. Make sure you tell us a few days in advance about your desired look or outcome so that we can assist and inform you ahead of time about the costumes that we can provide you.
Aside from clothes, also bring their favorite toy to help them feel more at home and at ease. It is also advisable to bring food, water and milk just in case they get hungry in the middle of the photo session.
We provide printable softcopies at 2100×1500 pixels of the purchased images. They are great  for printing up to 5x7inches, sharing them on facebook, emailing, digital photo frames or keeping them in your mobile phones.
We do infant photography sessions as early as 3 days old. Our studio lights are filtered and made soft for your baby's delicate eye sight.
Our studio is located at Tanglin Mall Unit 02-43 Annex, near Hotel Jen (formerly known as Traders Hotel) and Regent Hotel.
The photo session lasts for 1 hour with a mixture of different combinations and groupings. However if it takes longer, you will not be hurried. We will make sure you are relaxed for the whole photo shoot.
Babies and toddlers often have unpredictable moods. We can easily adjust your photo shoot with no extra charge at another time if your child needs a break.
From customized photo albums to framed prints to pop art pictures and canvas photos, we have a wide variety of display products for your specific needs. Click HERE to view our menu.
For a minimum of $200, you can already purchase our gift cards and give that special person a one of a kind photo shoot. What more perfect way to show your loved ones how special and important they are to you by Singapore photographer.